Women's Studio Workshop, June 2016.

In Quantum Physics, decoherence refers to a loss of coherence between components of a system. As opposed to entanglement, when decoherence occurs an irreversible leak of information is generated from the system to its environment. This concept is one of the underlying themes explored with this project. Each print of the series holds two separate states that cannot be seen together at the same time. Once both of those states have been witnessed, separately, the very first impression of the print cannot be reproduced as the sight of the second state affects the viewer's perception irreversibly. The series also reflects on the concept of entanglement, as one cannot look at the print in one state without thinking about the other. The entanglement of the two states exists permanently in the viewer's mind.

The prints play with the limitations of visual perception and question the assumptions we make on reality and the objects surrounding us. They force the viewers to ask themselves "What is it that we are not seeing in our daily lives?", and they make the statement that what we see depends on how we look at it.

In day light, each print displays a composition of three or four fine black lines. When exposed to UV light or when glowing in the dark, a second state appears revealing compositions of surfaces or volumes of light. 



The series DECOHERENCE #1 comprises five prints, silkscreened by the artist on Arches White paper 250gr. 

This project was created during my residency at the Women's Studio Workshop in April-May 2016.

Photography by Roy Rochlin.